The purpose of the CP workshops is to provide an informal venue in which participants can:

  • explore specific research areas in depth,
  • discuss new research directions,
  • study specific application areas of CP, or
  • bring together researchers from different fields with shared interests.

All CP 2016 Workshops

  • Configuration Workshop (5‐6 september 2016)

    The 2016 Configuration Workshop continues the series of successful workshops started at the AAAI 1996 Fall Symposium. Beside researchers from a variety of fields (computer science, artificial intelligence, industrial engineering, operational research, constraint programming, ...), past events also attracted a significant number of participants from industry (major configurator vendors such as Pros, Tacton, SAP, Oracle, Encoway, or IBM-ILOG, as well as end users from Siemens, Renault, HP, or DaimlerChrysler). Every year, around 30 people from all around the world attend this workshop, which has its own proceedings with an ISBN number and its own gala dinner.

  • Constraint Programming and Artificial Intelligence Workshop (5 september 2016)

    From their early days, Constraint Programming has played an important role in Artificial Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence has played an important role in Constraint Programming. Artificial Intelligence is currently experiencing a great surge of interest, attention and funding. This workshop is intended to encourage efforts to increase the participation and visibility at this time of Constraint Programming in the wider AI community, to the mutual benefit of both. In particular, the Workshop will seek to formulate specific recommendations as to actions that members of the community might undertake, individually, or collectively through the ACP, to further identified objectives. As a start, it is hoped that participants at the Workshop will volunteer to take on specific roles that are deemed useful for achieving these objectives.

  • Constraint Programming meets Verification Workshop (5 september 2016)

    Computer-aided program verification has found widespread applications in both academia and industry in ensuring that systems are dependable and secure. While the discipline is heavily based on logic and automated reasoning (especially satisfiability problems), the Constraint Programming community has not yet fully embraced this applicative domain. This workshop intends to gather researchers and practitioners from constraint programming (CP) and formal verification in order to address the CP-based solving of challenging constraint problems arising in formal verification and to foster lively discussions and fruitful interaction between participants from different backgrounds, such as CP, formal verification, SAT, SAT modulo theories (SMT), integer programming (IP), and mixed integer programming (MIP). The workshop is organised around several invited talks and accepted talks based on submitted abstracts.

  • Constraint Modelling and Reformulation Workshop (5 september 2016)

    CP has been successfully used for tackling a wide range of real-life complex applications, but finding a good model of a given problem often requires considerable expertise and time. Recent years have witnessed significant research devoted to modelling and solving problems with constraints. The key goals of this workshop are to extend the understanding of constraint modelling, to automate aspects of modelling or model reformulation, to extend the reach of constraint solvers on difficult problems, and to ease the task of modelling.

  • Constraint-Based Methods for Bioinformatics Workshop (5 september 2016)

    In recent years, modern Biology has investigated several realms of life (e.g., from genomics to proteomics and systems interactions). The amount of available information is growing at a fast pace and various models have been introduced in order to investigate and explain the underlying hidden mechanisms. Constraint-based methods were and are successfully used to prototype, model, and solve problems in Bioinformatics. The workshop provides a showcase of new challenging problems, brings up recent advances in specific bio-applications, and circulates fresh ideas on constraint modelling for complex and/or large-scale problems.


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