The gala dinner

La fleur d'hibiscus confite, crème wasabi The hotel-Dieu besides the Garonne
(Photo by Fabien Defaye)

Our cooking chef for the Gala dinner is ready to try an unusual experience and prepare two different types of meals for the Gala dinner at CP'2016 (vegans and vegetarian will not be forgotten):

  • A classical refined French cuisine meal which most of you should appreciate.
  • A more atypical "Very French" meal including French specialities that may not be so easy to discover abroad and that may be not suitable for all palates (or brains, behind the palates).

The choice between these two types of meals must be done beforehand and you will not be able to change your mind later. Depending on the number of people that select the "Very French" option during registration, we will (or not) activate it eventually.

We therefore want to enlighten you on the planned contents of the gala dinner menus so that you can make an informed choice. All menus are obviously totally safe. We have hired one of the most famous food catering service in Toulouse.

The aperitif will take place in the salle des Pélerins in Hotel-Dieu in Toulouse. You will be able to enjoy refined amuse-gueules (as the Hibiscus flower above) together with an unusual fizzling wine made from grapes that are often used for sweet wines (40% of local gros Manseng grapes). Your ears will be simultaneously under the spell of Pulcinela, a local jazz group with international visibility, including an accordion.

Then, depending on the choice you will have done at registration, you will either discover:

French cuisine — the easy way

  1. Les ravioles à la truffe blanche juste pochées.
  2. Le dos de cabillaud rôti à la la fleur de sel.
  3. L'assiette de fromages affinés et son mesclun provençal.
  4. Le pastis gascon croustillant aux pommes fondantes.

"Very French" cuisine — for the curious

  1. Le gateau de pied de cochon façon champêtre (a cake of boneless pork feet. Be ready to face mixed gelatinous and fibrous meat consistencies and subtle flavors).
  2. Raw veal kidney.
    Ours will be cooked.
    Le rognon de veau laqué au miel de soja, aka veal kidney lackered with honey-soja sauce. Expect unusual flavors and textures.
  3. L'assiette de fromages affinés et son mesclun provençal
  4. Le pastis gascon croustillant aux pommes fondantes

All meals will be accompanied by vegetables and selected French wines from the south-west of France (we are targeting a cru classé of Bordeaux as well as a sweet dessert wine from the local area - a Pacherenc du Vic Bilh). More traditional beverages, including dihydrogene oxyde will also be available.

After the meal, the jazz session will start again and you will be able to appreciate Pulcinela music and simultaneously allowed to put your brain under the influence of a carefully selected local Armagnac (the oldest type of brandy in France).

The next day, science starts again !


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