CP 2016 Accepted Papers

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Dominik Scheder, Timon Hertli, Isabelle Hurbain, Sebastian Millius, Robin Moser and May Szedlak. The PPSZ Algorithm for Constraint Satisfaction Problems on More Than Two Colors.
Wen-Yang Ku and Chris Beck. Constraint Programming for Strictly Convex Integer Quadratically-Constrained Problems.
Emmanuel Hebrard, Marie-José Huguet, Daniel Veysseire, Ludivine Boche Sauvan and Bertrand Cabon. Constraint Programming for Planning Test Campaigns of Telecommunication Satellites.
Martin Cooper, Achref El Mouelhi and Cyril Terrioux. Broken Triangles, Yet Again.
Ciaran McCreesh, Patrick Prosser and James Trimble. Morphing between Stable Matching Problems.
David Manlove, Iain McBride and James Trimble. "Almost-stable" matchings in the Hospitals / Residents problem with Couples.
Clément Viricel, David Simoncini, Thomas Schiex and Sophie Barbe. Guaranteed Weighted Counting for Affinity Computation: beyond Determinism and Structure.
David Cohen and Peter Jeavons. The Power of Propagation: When GAC is Enough.
Luke Hunsberger and Roberto Posenato. A New Approach to Checking the Dynamic Consistency of Conditional Simple Temporal Networks.
XavierLorca, Charles Prud'Homme, Aurélien Questel and Benoît Rottembourg. Using Constraint Programming for the Urban Transit Crew Rescheduling Problem.
David Gerault, Marine Minier and Christine Solnon. Constraint Programming Models for Chosen Key Differential Cryptanalysis.
Ciaran McCreesh, Samba Ndojh Ndiaye, Patrick Prosser and Christine Solnon. Clique and Constraint Models for Maximum Common (Connected) Subgraph Problems.
Philippe Jégou, Hanan Kanso and Cyril Terrioux. Towards a Dynamic Decomposition of CSPs with Separators of Bounded Size.
Clément Carbonnel and Emmanuel Hebrard. Constraint Propagation via Kernelization.
Anthony Palmieri, Jean-Charles Régin and Pierre Schaus. Parallel Strategies Selection.
John Hooker. Finding Alternative Musical Scales.
Boon Ping Lim, Hassan Hijazi, Sylvie Thiebaux and Menkes Van Den Briel. Online HVAC-Aware Occupancy Scheduling with Adaptive Temperature Control.
Ferdinando Fioretto, William Yeoh and Enrico Pontelli. A Dynamic Programming-based MCMC Framework for Solving DCOPs with GPUs.
Clément Carbonnel. The Dichotomy for Conservative Constraint Satisfaction is Polynomially Decidable.
Merav Aharoni, Yael Ben-Haim, Shai Doron, Anatoly Koyfman, Elena Tsanko and Michael Veksler. Using Graph-Based CSP to Solve the Address Translation Problem.
Ludwig Krippahl and Pedro Barahona. Improving protein docking with redundancy constraints.
Yexiang Xue, Ian Davies, Daniel Fink, Christopher Wood and Carla Gomes. Behavior Identification in Two-stage Games for Incentivizing Citizen Science Exploration.
Xiaojun Sun, Irina Ilioaea, Priyank Kalla and Florian Enescu. Finding Unsatisfiable Cores of a Set of Polynomials using the Groebner Basis Algorithm
Gleba Belov, Peter Stuckey, Guido Tack and Mark Wallace. Improved Linearization of Constraint Programming Models.
Ekaterina Arafailova, Nicolas Beldiceanu, Mats Carlsson, Pierre Flener, Maria Andreina Francisco Rodriguez, Justin Pearson and Helmut Simonis. Systematic Derivation of Bounds and Glue Constraints for Time-Series Constraints.
Tsubasa Tanaka, Brian Bemman and David Meredith. Constraint programming formulation of the problem of generating Milton Babbitt's all-partition arrays.
Jeremias Berg and Matti Järvisalo. Impact of SAT-Based Preprocessing on Core-Guided MaxSAT Solving.
Jordan Demeulenaere, Renaud Hartert, Christophe Lecoutre, Guillaume Perez, Laurent Perron, Jean-Charles Régin and Pierre Schaus. Compact-Table: efficiently filtering table constraints with reversible sparse bit-sets.
Maxim Shishmarev, Christopher Mears, Maria Garcia De La Banda and Guido Tack. Learning from Learning Solvers.
Sascha Van Cauwelaert, Cyrille Dejemeppe, Jean-Noël Monette and Pierre Schaus. Efficient Filtering for the Unary Resource with Family-based Transition Times.
Alessio Bonfietti, Michele Lombardi, Alessandro Zanarini and Michela Milano. The Multirate Resource Constraint.
Samir Sebbah, Claire Bagley, Mike Colena and Serdar Kadioglu. Service Availability Optimization in Cloud-Based In-Memory Data Grids.
Stefano Di Alesio. Optimal Performance Tuning in Real-Time Systems using Multi-Objective Constrained Optimization.
Michael Codish, Graeme Gange, Avi Itzhakov and Peter J. Stuckey. Breaking Symmetries in Graphs: The Nauty Way.
Katherine Giles and Willem-Jan Van Hoeve. Solving a Supply-Delivery Scheduling Problem with Constraint Programming.
Emilie Picard-Cantin, Mathieu Bouchard, Claude-Guy Quimper and Jason Sweeney. Learning parameters for the Sequence constraint from positive examples.
Nadjib Lazaar, Yahia Lebbah, Samir Loudni, Mehdi Maamar, Valentin Lemière, Christian Bessiere and Patrice Boizumault. A global constraint for closed itemset mining.
Robert Ganian, Ramanujan M. S. and Stefan Szeider. Backdoors to Tractable Valued CSP.
Robinson Duque, Alejandro Arbelaez and Juan Francisco Díaz. SABIO: An Implementation of MIP and CP for Interactive Soccer Queries.
Pierre Roy, Guillaume Perez, Jean-Charles Régin, Alexandre Papadopoulos, Francois Pachet and Marco Marchini. Enforcing Structure on Temporal Sequences: the Allen Constraint.
Alexandre Papadopoulos, Pierre Roy and Francois Pachet. Assisted Lead Sheet Composition using FlowComposer.
Jack Goffinet and Raghuram Ramanujan. Monte-Carlo Tree Search for the Maximum Satisfiability Problem.
David Bergman and Andre Augusto Cire. Multiobjective Optimization by Decision Diagrams.
Kyle E. C. Booth, Goldie Nejat and J. Christopher Beck. A Constraint Programming Approach to Multi-Robot Task Allocation and Scheduling in Retirement Homes.
Joshua Blinkhorn and Olaf Beyersdorff. Dependency Schemes in QBF Calculi: Semantics and Soundness.
Xujie Si, Xin Zhang, Vasco Manquinho, Mikolas Janota, Alexey Ignatiev and Mayur Naik. On Incremental Core-Guided MaxSAT Solving.
Krishnamurthy Dvijotham, Pascal Van Hentenryck, Michael Chertkov, Sidhant Misra and Marc Vuffray. Graphical models for optimal power flow.
Ozgur Akgun, Ian Gent, Christopher Jefferson, Ian Miguel and Peter Nightingale. Exploiting Short Supports for Improved Encoding of Arbitrary Constraints into SAT.
Harsha Nagarajan, Mowen Lu, Emre Yamangil and Russell Bent. Tightening McCormick Relaxations for Nonlinear Programs via Dynamic Multivariate Partitioning.
Ria Szeredi and Andreas Schutt. Modelling and Solving Multi-Mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling.
Andreas Schutt and Peter J. Stuckey. Explaining Producer/Consumer Constraints.
Thibaut Feydy and Peter J. Stuckey. Interval Constraint with Learning : Application to Air Traffic Control.
Alexey Ignatiev, Alessandro Previti and Joao Marques-Silva. On Finding Minimum Satisfying Assignments.
Vincent Goulet, Wei Li, Hyunmin Cheong, Francesco Iorio and Claude-Guy Quimper. Four-Bar Linkage Synthesis Using Non-Convex Optimization.


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